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Franc Vozelj
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4000 Kranj


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"Ascetic figures distributed in front of the spatial setting and bared to the bones have long been the distinctive feature of Vozelj's authentic style. The most recent oil paintings continue to adhere to the same artistic interpretation of the specific, sometimes even closed, perceptual world, even though, over time, muscles and skirt have subtly covered the framework. The dynamic figures remain typified and affect us as distant and asexual despite the soft approach and warm incarnate depiction. If we look fur help among the representational patterns of general iconography, the sym-bolic language of rare forms and allegories can explain the artist's apparent, perhaps illogical love of the forms that are less often encountered, and then usually only as attributes in certain traditional collocations. It is not difficult to establish that the focus of Vozelj's interest in the human body, without denying the psychological factor, is the physical and material side of the body, its ability to move and its endeavours to dominate space, which is distinctly abstract, artificial and shows no tendency to simulate depth in his paintings. As a rule, figures escape from or into the picture in vigorous leaps, bends and turns, so that they occasionally strike us as depicting the elegant motion of sportsmen. We probably cannot assign to them ritual gestures that could be implied by similar postures, but this manner of depiction can be safely related to the symbolic tendency towards freedom that transcends the everyday course of life, to nonconformism and motion, to disruption of the statics, and hence progression. The interpretation of the meaning of the bones, which are mistakenly understood only as the metaphor of death and evil, is rather unifirm in various iconographic models. Being the constructional element of the body, the bone is its basic and therefore inevitable part, hence the symbol of firmness and strength, and the primeval element of being. From this arises a belief in the indestructibility of the bone, it's durability and regenerative capacity, thanks to which a being as a complex creature is immortal, but only in this form."

Judita Krivec Dragan
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