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The artistic opus of Franc Vozelj can be divided into individual cycles. In his paintings, drawings and collages, the iconographically strictly defined motif (the human figure) has gone through changes that stretch from the analytically constructive collection of bones and body parts, which was starting to be covered by musculature, to the fully plastic human figure. The range of Vozelj’s figural painting covers an understanding of the figure as a constructional diagram and giving it full corporality. It should be stressed that the development of Vozelj’s motifs has not been marked by any dramatic turnarounds, let alone falls. In the midst of this is a logical and tranquil continuity of artistic growth. The artist continuously supplements his formal and substantive repertoire, and in doing so remains unburdened by trends and keeps to his own creative pulse.

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Two tempera/graphite 24 x 33 cm 1993

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