Akademski slikar Franc Vozelj


Akademski slikar Franc Vozelj

Vozelj Franc, born 28.03.1954 in Kranj. After completing the School of Design, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated in 1979 in painting. In 1981 he completed his postgraduate studies with Professor Janez Bernik.

So far, he had over 80 solo exhibitions at home and abroad, has participated in more than 100 group exhibitions. Among the awards received for its work, the vast Prešernova medal of Kranj in 1999.

His interests include painting and design. Since 1980, the Slovenian member of the Society of Artists (Associations). He lives and works in Kranj, as an independent artist.


"In the latest paintings, individual figures or groups of figures are again more complete, most often in motion or put in more or less unusual, sometimes straightforwardly suffering poses that just as well express partly concealed internal dynamics and vitality. Both individual figures and figural groups are painted in a distinctly personal manner. The colour palette is rich and subtly shaded, ranging from warm brownish to violet tones. The composition is either a Baroque diagonal or a Renaissance triangle. The contours are sometimes stressed, and sometimes fused with the soft hues and texture of colours. The painter places the figures in front of the apparently abstract backdrop which is, in fact, a rich pictorial space made up of a refined artistic tissue and a palette of olive greens, yellows and ochres accentuated by other, more or less aggressive colours. These noble artistic images still do not have the appearance of pure artistic studies, since the human figure here is not a disguise or a point of departure, but much more than that, due to its confessional and emotional, even sensual and erotic charge."

Franc Zalar
© Painter - Franc Vozelj